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I’m only alive today through the Divine Grace of God. Let me share my inspirational story with your organization.

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Work with Elizabeth and learn her strategies for finally finding peace. These are methods that she developed to overcome her challenges. Are you ready to find peace today?

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Guided by the transformative power of hope, our mission is to empower individuals on their unique wellness journey, fostering Healing that Opens Pathways to Empowerment (H.O.P.E).

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When Elizabeth speaks to groups, she inspires.

After a horrible accident, her family was told that she probably wouldn’t survive even 24 hours. But Elizabeth proved them wrong. Unfortunately, she had to relearn everything and was essentially reduced back to being an infant. Hear her struggles and her determination to overcome all obstacles in her way. Now Elizabeth is passionate about teaching others how to overcome their personal struggles.

Motivational Speaker Beth Meigs

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

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Finally Finding PEACE

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Daily Affirmations: Unlock Your Potential with Positive Self-Talk

We all have that nagging inner voice whispering doubts and insecurities. But what if you could replace that negativity with a powerful tool for self-improvement?

Daily affirmations can be your secret weapon for boosting confidence, reducing stress, and achieving your goals.

Daily affirmations can be your secret weapon for:

  • Quieting negativity: Replace self-doubt with confidence by flooding your mind with positive self-talk.
  • Reducing stress: Shift your focus from worry to positive intentions, approaching challenges with a calmer mind.
  • Boosting mood & well-being: Cultivate optimism and elevate your mood for a positive outlook that impacts all areas of life.
  • Sharpening focus: Keep your goals at the forefront, fueling motivation and propelling you towards success.

Start incorporating daily affirmations into your routine and see how they can unlock your potential for a happier, more fulfilling life!

Get to Know Elizabeth!

About Me

Elizabeth Meigs is an overcomer and a fighter, who knows her purpose is to inspire, provide hope and encourage those who are going through the toughest challenge of their lives, to not give up.

Elizabeth understands what it’s like to go through challenges. She was born and raised in a small rural town in Southeast Kansas where her family raised horses. She was an “outdoorsy” girl who loved fishing and riding her horse. Her dreams and goals were coming true when her world was turned upside down in a car accident, one week into her freshman year of high school.

That night, everything for her and her family came abruptly to a stop. She learned how to overcome the hard obstacles and deep down she knew there was a purpose for all she was going through. Not only did her dreams change, but a new purpose was revealed.

Discover effective strategies to overcome life’s challenges from someone who has been there. By sharing her own experiences, this mission-driven individual has helped countless others to find hope and resilience in difficult times.

Whether you’re dealing with job loss, a failed marriage, divorce, physical challenges, or other setbacks, these natural solutions can help you stay focused on achieving your dreams. Get the support you need to keep pushing forward and believe that anything is possible.

Helping others to find solutions of hope and strength is a great joy for Elizabeth. She is eternally grateful that God has continued to open doors to new opportunities for her to help others using her talents and experiences, in ways she never dreamed or imagined.

Elizabeth Meigs Inspires Takes the Stage

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Elizabeth inspires and transforms



I work in an incredibly stressful field and get overwhelmed often. Beth’s strategies have helped me to refocus my energy, look at the positives, and that nothing is a forever situation. I love having these tools to rely on when my world gets a bit chaotic.

~ Jacqueline Crider, Managing Partner of PBJ Mortgage



“I have had the pleasure of hearing Beth share her very inspiring story on at least three occasions. I am also blessed to call her my friend for the last two plus years and the coming years ahead. Her life story is a celebration of what is possible when your faith in God and your dreams takes charge of your daily life and future. I highly encourage you and your organization to invite Beth to speak and share her amazing and inspiring story.”

~ Steve Lester, Fathom Realty Steve Lester Homes



“Elizabeth Meigs is an absolute inspiration. I had the pleasure of hearing one of her
speeches, and it was truly life-changing. Elizabeth has an amazing ability to connect
with her audience on a personal level. Her stories of resilience and determination
are incredibly powerful, and her message is clear: no matter what challenges you
face, you have the power to overcome them and achieve greatness.”

~ Wayne Salmans, Founder of Hero Nation Coaching 



“Beth has an incredibly positive attitude and she has an impressive perseverance towards wellness success. Beth is a captivating speaker and she is an inspiration. Beth, thanks for sharing your story.”

~ Darryl Galen



“I have known Beth for several years now, she is such an inspiration with a powerful story. She is quite an amazing person!”

~ Erica Williams



“I have known Beth for since 2017 and her story of strength and overcoming difficult situations through unwavering Faith and courage is inspiring.  She has a passion for helping people that is difficult to compare.  Her love for others knows no bounds and I am proud to call her my friend.”

~ Bobi



“I met Beth around 2017-2018, while I was working on a recovery program.  I had been dealing with a lot and was learning new ways to cope. The way she has a heart for God and a passion for learning his ways. She is an inspiration to me. I’m proud of the woman that she has become. I love that she uses her story to help others and not as an excuse.”

~ JD V.



“She shared her life story with Occupational Therapy Students! All I can say is WOW such an inspiration. Do not wait to hear her tale. I’m looking forward to hearing it again. Yes… it’s a tear-jerker but extremely motivational and well worth it.”

~ Dorcas Fletcher



“Elizabeth Meigs is one of the most inspiring speakers I have ever heard. I highly recommend her 30-day program to reduce and release your anxiety and depression. Imagine where you could be by the end of the month!”

~ Ursula Mentjes, USA Today Best-Selling Author & Entrepreneur

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