The EI Method

Isn’t it time to get out of your own head, to stop living in the constant chaos and confusion that comes from your everyday life challenges, making you feel anxious or depressed, so you can step into PEACE permanently?





“I have had the pleasure of hearing Beth share her very inspiring story on at least three occasions. I am also blessed to call her my friend for the last two plus years and the coming years ahead. Her life story is a celebration of what is possible when your faith in God and your dreams takes charge of your daily life and future. I highly encourage you and your organization to invite Beth to speak and share her amazing and inspiring story.”

~ Steve Lester, Fathom Realty Steve Lester Homes



“Elizabeth Meigs is an absolute inspiration. I had the pleasure of hearing one of her
speeches, and it was truly life-changing. Elizabeth has an amazing ability to connect
with her audience on a personal level. Her stories of resilience and determination
are incredibly powerful, and her message is clear: no matter what challenges you
face, you have the power to overcome them and achieve greatness.”

~ Wayne Salmans, Founder of Hero Nation Coaching 



“Beth has an incredibly positive attitude and she has an impressive perseverance towards wellness success. Beth is a captivating speaker and she is an inspiration. Beth, thanks for sharing your story.”

~ Darryl Galen



“I have known Beth for several years now, she is such an inspiration with a powerful story. She is quite an amazing person!”

~ Erica Williams



“I have known Beth for since 2017 and her story of strength and overcoming difficult situations through unwavering Faith and courage is inspiring.  She has a passion for helping people that is difficult to compare.  Her love for others knows no bounds and I am proud to call her my friend.”

~ Bobi



“I met Beth around 2017-2018, while I was working on a recovery program.  I had been dealing with a lot and was learning new ways to cope. The way she has a heart for God and a passion for learning his ways. She is an inspiration to me. I’m proud of the woman that she has become. I love that she uses her story to help others and not as an excuse.”

~ JD V.



“She shared her life story with Occupational Therapy Students! All I can say is WOW such an inspiration. Do not wait to hear her tale. I’m looking forward to hearing it again. Yes… it’s a tear-jerker but extremely motivational and well worth it.”

~ Dorcas Fletcher